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Get a quote for all the necessary chimney system parts for your Kimberly ™ or Katydid ™ wood stove.

Installing a chimney system can be complicated and unique to every home. Because of that, we ask you to give us as many details as possible before placing your order. Once you’ve completed the form we will follow up with you via email to make sure you're ordering all the correct parts for your specific installation.

Need help installing your stove? To search for a WETT certified technician in your area click here.

What's included with a Chimney System purchase:

  • Interior pipe (Colours available: Black and Stainless Steel )
  • Roof Flashing Rise/Run (Available in two options: 0/12-6/12 or 7/12-12/12)
  • Appliance Adaptor
  • Cathedral Ceiling Support Box or Round Ceiling Support
  • Vertical Cap
  • Straight length pipe
  • Elbows as needed (45 degree or 90 degree)
  • Masonry liner SS Flex Kit
  • Storm Collar

 Iron Ash installation videos for the Kimberly ™ and Katydid ™ coming soon.  

Iron Ash Guide:
Are you a DIY-er looking to install the Kimberly™ or Katydid™ wood stove yourself? Great! We’ve created a guide to help you with the installation. 

Kimberly™ Guides:
Kimberly™ Cathedral Roof Guide
Kimberly™ RV Guide
Kimberly™ Single Story with Attic Guide
Kimberly™ Two Story with Attic Guide

The Kimberly™ wood stove heater has been approved for residential and alcove installations in Canada.

The Kimberly™ wood stove heater is not approved for mobile home use in Canada. 

Katydid™ Guides:
Katydid™ Cathedral Roof Guide
Katydid™ RV Guide
Katydid™ Single Story with Attic Guide
Katydid™ Two Story with Attic Guide

The Katydid™ wood stove heater has been approved for residential, mobile homes, and alcove installations in Canada.

Stove Manual:
Download the Kimberly ™
Wood Stove Owner's Manual here
Download the Katydid ™ Wood Stove Owner's Manual here

Every space is unique and we want to ensure you have everything you need to start your installation right away. Upload a sketch of your space and install so our experts can review your order before it gets shipped out. We will contact you if there is anything that is missing to make sure you get the parts you need right away.

Before we ship your parts, let us know what kind of installation you are planning ( WETT Installation or Non-WETT Installation). This will allow us to double-check and make sure you have everything you need to meet Kimberly ™ or Katydid ™ wood stove installation requirements.

WETT Installation: WETT or Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. is an Association of installers, chimney sweeps, and inspectors who have been educated, trained and certified to install and inspect wood burning stove installations to ensure they meet applicable fire codes and requirements.

WETT Certified Members can carry out inspections and provide you with a report to take to your insurance company and/or municipality. These inspections take into account stove accreditation, thermal and ember floor protection, appliance clearance, flue pipe, chimney, and stove location. Moreover, the report details the areas in which the installation meets the requirements of the manufacturer’s installation instructions and compliance with appropriate codes.

There are WETT Certified Technicians available to help you install your stove, and any WETT Certified Member can carry out the inspection. Make sure to notify your installer that Kimberly ™ or Katydid ™  wood stoves are tested against ULC-S627-00 which conforms to CAN/CSA B365-10 Clause 4.1.C, to be legally certified for 3” or 4” chimney system.  [ATTENTION] It is mandatory to use a 6” Class A insulated stove pipe as a conduit for WETT certified installations. Click here to find a WETT certified Member in your area.

Non-WETT Installation: The installation and maintenance of wood-burning appliances is not regulated in Canada. You are not required to have your Katydid™ wood stove inspected by WETT Certified Member. However, many insurance companies require that the inspection and/or installation and/or maintenance of wood-burning appliances and equipment be performed by someone who is WETT certified.